Trimmer Trolley String and Line Trimmer Attachment Works With Almost Any Straight or Curved Shaft Weedwacker for Mowing, Edging, Blowing, Brushing and More With Your Gas Powered Weedeater.

Trimmer Trolley, Line and String Trimmer Attachment Trimmer Trolley by M-PRO Fits Most Gas Powered Weedwackers, Line and String Trimmers
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Trimmer Trolley


YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!! (click for video)

Trimmer Trolley Line and String Trimmer Attachment can be Used to Mow Areas Most Mowers Cannot when in Mowing Configuration  <click for more info>   Trimmer Trolley Used in the Caster Configuration is Perfect for Slopes and Using in Conjunction with Other Attachments such as Brushes and Blowers  <click for more info>   Edging with Your Gas Powered, Line or String Trimmers and Weedwackers has Never Been Easier BeforeTrimmer Trolley Attachment  <click for more info>

Trimmer Trolley can cut the time and effort of your yard work almost literally in half! This patented universal attachment lets you turn your tough trimming chores into a walk in the park? Gives three great tools in one. It’s faster and easier too!!!

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TRIMMER SKIMMER (Click to learn more)

You may never use your lawn mower again! Trimmer Skimmer lets your line trimmer glide over your lawn at constant height mowing it perfectly every time!


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