Trimmer Trolley String and Line Trimmer Attachment Works With Almost Any Straight or Curved Shaft Weedwacker for Mowing, Edging, Blowing, Brushing and More With Your Gas Powered Weedeater.

Trimmer Trolley, Line and String Trimmer Attachment Trimmer Trolley by M-PRO Fits Most Gas Powered Weedwackers, Line and String Trimmers

M-Pro, Inc.
Founded in July 2002 following the successful launch of the Trimmer Trolley. The Trimmer Trolley is a new and innovative line trimmer attachment that allows you to mow, edge, and trim with greater ease and precision

Another new and innovative lawn care product, the Trimmer Skimmer is also receiving a lot of attention. The Trimmer Skimmer is a replacement spool retainer that supports the gas line trimmer head. It provides an even cut as it glides through grass. Produces an even cut while mowing clearing lawns, banks and ditches.

M-Pro, Inc. plans to launch several new and innovative products to the RV/Marine, automotive and lawn and garden markets by mid 2005.

M-Pro, has selected Moser Marketing International for the sales and distribution of its products in the U.S. and abroad.

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